Vazelin sprej


Izvrstan podmazivač koji ne sadrži kiseline.

Područje primene

  • Automobili: antene, akumulatori
  • Garaža, vrt: alati
  • Slobodno vreme: klizaljke
  • Šrafovi, navoji, žljebovi
  • Brave


  • Izvanredno podmazuje
  • Antikorozivnog delovanja
  • Visokog kvaliteta


  • Do not spray in a flame nor on glowing bodies.
  • Keep in a well aired room.
  • Protect against solar radiation.
  • Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C.
  • Observe TRG 300.
  • It is imperative to observe the safety regulations on the can


  • Aerosol can with 400 ml

Product specification

  • The vaseline spray is a universal lubricant and preservative for wooden slides, antennas, screw connections, lock parts, etc.
  • Due to its excellent moisture-displacing properties presto vaseline spray is also suitable as a moisture preservative for aluminium, copper, brass, chromium, steel, etc.
  • It is applied at motor cars, in the plastics industry, the electrical industry, the shipping industry, in the office or in the household

Instruction Manual

Shake the spray can well before use (2 minutes), from time to time shake again while using it. The optimal lubricating effect will be obtained only after the solvent has evaporated completely.

Examples for use


Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 *  Vaselinespray 400ml  400 ml  306376
* no color identification possible

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