BOB adhesive steel


presto Adhesive Steel is a solvent-free, two-component repair and gluing system on the basis of epoxy resin. The product fills, glues and seals various materials such as iron and NF metals.

For filling:
Use as a filler, suitable for all metals, cast parts, wood, cement asbestos, ceramics and concrete. Widen cracks where possible to 2/3 of the wall thickness in a V-shape and then fill with the adhesive steel. Widen faulty borings or stripped threads out to double the original diameter and then fill with adhesive steel.

For gluing:
Adhesive steel bonds identical and non-identical materials firmly and durable together, even those that cannot normally, or only with difficulty, be bonded or welded together, such as steel, aluminium, lead, wood, iron and cement asbestos.

For sealing:
For damaged pipes or discharge pipes, in combination with suitable materials to cover the damage. Simply apply the adhesive steel to the material and treat as a bandage. Hardened layers over 5 mm thick can be handled like metals: They can be drilled, milled, filed, turned and threaded.

For many applications in the private sector, in industry, metal and wood construction, in ship construction, garages and locksmith's shops.


  • Ease of working
  • Fills, sticks, seals
  • Very easy to form
  • Extremely resilient after hardening
  • Resistant to oil, fuel, lyes and the most organic solvents


  • Basis:solvent-free epoxy resin with metallic and mineral fillers
  • Colour:grey metallic
  • Form after mixing:like putty
  • Potlife / Working time at bei 20°C: 30 minutes
  • Drying time (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity):
    a 10 mm thick coat can be processed after approx. 2 hours drying
  • Flashpoint:
    140°C (adhesive steel); for hardener not applicable
  • Density at 20°C:
    steel compound 3,5 g/cm³
    hardener 2,35 g/cm³
  • Addition of hardener:Proportional, i.e. half of the tube contents to one tube of hardener. Both tubes are intended for single use only.
  • Bending strength:120 N/mm²
  • Compression strength:120 N/mm²
  • Tensile strength:60 N/mm²
  • Ball hardness:140 N/mm²
  • Temperature resistance of the cured material:180 °C
  • Storage stability:
    12 months if proper storage provided (=10°-25°C, relative air humidity of max. 60%) in the unopened original container. Protect from direct sunlight, frost and humidity.
  • Size:
    Steel compound: 89 g plastic box
    Hardener: 2 x 18 g tube


Environmentally compatible: MOTIP DUPLI is committed to apply formulations without restricted or critical ingredients and to achieve best possible performance. The caps and packagings are made of recyclable material.

Disposal: Please mind the residue inside the containers. Completely emptied containers can be used for recycling. If cans are not emptied, they should be disposed off as “special refuse”.

Labelling: All products of MOTIP DUPLI comply with the current status of their labelling regulations. Classification and distinction takes place by the presently legal form of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) or rather by CLP 1272/2008/EG regulations. Our safety data sheets comply with the current form of REACH 1907/2006/EG, article 31 und appendix II,


Before use, carefully read and observe the warning texts on the label!


  • The application area must be clean, dry, and free of rust, paint and grease.
  • Carefully combine presto Adhesive Steel with the hardening agent.
  • The combined contents must be used within 30 minutes.
  • Adhesive Steel is very malleable (moisten the tool you are using with water and detergent).
  • Hardened layers from 5 mm can be treated like metal, e.g. by drilling, milling, rasping, shaping, tapping.

Advices for fillling:

  • Carefully drill the ends of cracks, in order to avoid that the damages becomes bigger. Cracks should be enlarged to 2/3 of the wall thickness in v-shape, then fill with adhesive steel.
  • Incorrect drilling: With a drill, enlarge the stripped screw thread or worn holes to twice their original size and fill with Adhesive Steel.. Create the new screw thread with the screw being used (with release agent applied).

Advices for gluing:

  • Adhesive Steel is not a typical glue, as it containts fillers. Anyhow, it glues well, hardness and break strength are good. The adherence increases with the size of the adhering surfaces. Therefore contact spots should be roughened or furnished with grooves and notches.
  • Bonds equal and unequal materials: e.g. steel, aluminium, lead, wood, iron, eternite etc.

Advices for sealing:

  • Damaged pipes and pipeline are isolated and sealed using Adhesive Steel. Paint Adhesive Steel onto a piece of fabric and use as a bandage. 


Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 presto Haftstahl 125g  125 g  603901
 * no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.



This application-technological information is given to the best of our knowledge. The notes mentioned herein are, however, non-binding and do not exempt you from own tests to see whether the products supplied by us are suitable for your special application. The use and processing is beyond our control and therefore exclusively in the responsibility of the user. MOTIP DUPLI is let off the liability, unless the liability-based incident is caused by a fault incurred to MOTIP DUPLI.

For any further technical questions call our hotline +49 (0) 62 66 75-266 from Monday to Thursday from 9 h a.m. to 3 h p.m. or on Friday until 12 h p.m.

As of January 18, 2017
This release replaces all eventually earlier issued versions.



Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 presto Haftstahl 125g  125 g  603901
 * no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.