Copper spray


Bakar u spreju. Mast sa velikim sadržajem bakra otporan na visoke temperature.

Područje primene

  • za podmazivanje kontakta na akumulatorima, kočnicama, kvacilima….
  • za podmazivanje termički izloženim kontaktima kao sto su kontakti auspuha i dihtunga


  • Može da se nanosi pri temperaturama od 30Cº do +1100ºC
  • Omogućava izuzetnu adheziju a otporan je na vodu, so, slabe kiseline


Do not spray in a flame nor on glowing bodies. Keep in a well aired room.

Protect against solar radiation. Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C. Observe TRG 300.

It is imperative to observe the safety regulations on the can!


  • Aerosol can with 400 ml

Product specification

Presto copper spray is a lubricant for thermally highly stressed machines and engine parts. It is applied to sparking plugs, exhaust screws and many others. It is excellently suitable for removing squealing disc brake linings (a thin coat of copper spray is applied on the back side of the brake pad before installing). In addition, it provides protection against corrosion for battery contacts and battery terminals.

Instruction Manual

Shake well before use, from time to time shake again while using the spray. The material achieves the best lubricating effect after the solvent has evaporated (approx. 1 minute).

Bolts and nuts are to be sprayed before screwing.

Examples for use


 Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 *  Kupferspray 400ml  400 ml  306383
* no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.