Čistač motora


Čistač motora. Čistač velike moći rastvaranja i brzog delovanja

Područje primene

  • Domaćinstvo: mašine za pranje veša
  • Vrt: električni mašine
  • Automobili: motori
  • Mopedi: motori


  • Posebno razvijen za uklanjanje ulja i masnoća
  • Čisti motor i delove u prostoru motora
  • Ne ostavlja prljave tragove
  • Velika moć odmašćivanja


Do not spray in a flame nor on glowing bodies. Keep in a well aired room. Protect against solar radiation. Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C. Observe TRG 300. It is imperative to observe the safety regulations on the can!


  • Aerosol can with 400 ml

Product specification

For removing oil, fat, dirt and lubricants from engines, pumps, gears, etc.

Instruction Manual

Presto engine cleaner is sprayed directly onto the dirt. It is imperative to let cool hot engines because presto engine cleaner contains combustible solvents. Evenly spray the surfaces to be treated with presto engine cleaner, aftertreat tenacious dirt with a paint brush or a brush, if necessary. Allow the engine cleaner to react during several minutes, then wash off the loosened dirt with a water jet (use oil separator).

Before applying the engine cleaner it is imperative to switch off live parts and electrical equipment and to cover them, if necessary. After cleaning xxx all live parts with an air assisted spray gun.

Examples for use


Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 *  Motorreiniger-Spray 400ml  400 ml  306208
* no color identification possible

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