Paint scratch remover


The DEKRA-approved presto Scratch Remover removes scratches, minor scrapes and paint traces from paintwork (also metallic) quickly and reliably.

With two different special polishes, both minor and deep scratches can be removed. Simply apply the paste and polish. Thanks to the excellent effect, the paintwork shines in new splendour. This means real value retention for car, motorcycle, caravan or boat, etc.


  • DEKRA seal of approval for very good activity
  • Removes scratches and paint traces from all paint finishes
  • Quick and easy application in 2 steps
  • All-inclusive kit includes everything needed to scratch removal
  • Application saves costly repairs and support to maintain the value
  • Excellent, proven effect
  • Paint shines in new splendor
  • For car, motorcycle, caravan / camper and boat


  • Chemical base::Mixture of the substances listed in the safety data sheet with harmless additions
  • Consistency:firm
  • Colour:white
  • Odour:characteristic
  • Density:1,1 g/cm³
  • pH-value:7
  • Flashpoint:>65°C
  • Application temperature:+5°C bis +30°C
  • Storage stability:
    36 months in the closed original package if cool and dry storage provided (=5°-25°C, relative air humidity of max. 60%). Protect from direct sunlight, frost and humidity.
  • Size:REPAIR (No. 1) 25g tube, FINISH (No. 2) 25g tube


Environmentally compatible: MOTIP DUPLI is committed to apply formulations without restricted or critical ingredients and to achieve best possible performance. The caps and packagings are made of recyclable material.

Disposal: Please mind the residue inside the containers. Completely emptied containers can be used for recycling. If cans are not emptied, they should be disposed off as “special refuse”.

Labelling: All products of MOTIP DUPLI comply with the current status of their labelling regulations. Classification and distinction takes place by the presently legal form of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) or rather by CLP 1272/2008/EG regulations. Our safety data sheets comply with the current form of REACH 1907/2006/EG, article 31 und appendix II,


Before use, carefully read and observe the warning texts on the label!


  • Wet the 3000 grit sandpaper included in the repair kit. Gently sand the damaged spot for a maximum of 15 seconds. Do not attempt a 2nd sanding.
  • Remove any water and grinding residues and simply apply a small  amount of REPAIR Tube #1 to the scratch.
  • Polish the area with REPAIR #1 and the included polishing rag for about 2 minutes applying a lot of pressure. Do this at a right angle to the scratch until all traces have vanished completely.
  • Remove any REPAIR #1 residue using a moist rag and apply a small amount of FINISH Tube #2 to the scratch.
  • Now polish the area with FINISH #2 and the second enclosed polishing rag for about 2 minutes, applying a lot of pressure. Use circular motions until the area has a glossy appearance.


  • Determination of the scratch depth:
    “Finger nail test”: Run your finger nail alongside the scratch in a vertical direction. If your finger nail does not get stuck and you can hardly feel the scratch, you are dealing with a light surface scratch. If your finger
    nail gets stuck and you can clearly feel the scratch, it is deeper and wider. In the latter case the use of a matching touch up pen is recommended. Not suitable for extremely deep scratches that affect the primer.
  • Nano paints and ceramic paints:
    Please make sure that your vehicle does not have a “scratch resistant“ nano paint job or ceramic clear coat. This would, for instance, be the case on many models made by Mercedes-Benz as of 2005 and later.  Mercedes cars with such paint jobs are identified by the letter C after the color
    code, e.g. 040C. In many Mercedes models you can find the color code on the model plate located inside of the engine area. If you have any concerns, you should always ask the manufacturer of your vehicle or a contract dealership. If your vehicle has a nano or ceramic paint job, the only product you can use is FINISH #2 and you can only use it to eliminate very minor scratches and traces of paint. Do not use REPAIR #1 on nano or ceramic paints under any circumstances and also refrain from using sandpaper.
  • Matte paints:
    If you have a vehicle with a matte paint job, you should definitely not use the Scratch Remover. The polishing process would not only remove the scratches, but also the matte surface structure of your paint job, which would ultimately leave behind glossy areas in your paint job.
  • Dyed plastic components:
    On modern vehicles not all components that look like they have a paint job actually have one. Today, many of these parts (spoilers, etc.) are no longer spray painted, but made from a plastic that has been dyed to match the paint job of the car. Scratches in dyed plastic parts – with a few exceptions – can usually not be removed from the surface without leaving behind marks in the surrounding areas. Consequently, we generally advise car owners not to use the presto Scratch Remover on
    automotive components that are not spray painted. If you are not certain, which material a certain part is made of, ask your vehicle manufacturer or contract dealership.
  • Application compatibility test:
    Before you make attempts to repair scratches, test the presto Scratch Remover in a concealed place (for instance on the inside door panel or inside the trunk fold) to ensure compatibility with your vehicle's paint job. 


Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 *  presto Lack- Kratzer-Entferner  Stück  368745
 * no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.



This application-technological information is given to the best of our knowledge. The notes mentioned herein are, however, non-binding and do not exempt you from own tests to see whether the products supplied by us are suitable for your special application. The use and processing is beyond our control and therefore exclusively in the responsibility of the user. MOTIP DUPLI is let off the liability, unless the liability-based incident is caused by a fault incurred to MOTIP DUPLI.

For any further technical questions call our hotline +49 (0) 62 66 75-266 from Monday to Thursday from 9 h a.m. to 3 h p.m. or on Friday until 12 h p.m.

As of: July 09, 2013
This release replaces all eventually earlier issued versions.



Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 *  presto Lack- Kratzer-Entferner  Stück  368745
 * no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.