Sredstvo za otklanjanje zidnih natpisa i nepoželjnih grafita

Područje pripreme

  • Primena je moguća na skoro svakoj podlozi; zidovima, opekama, kamenim i betonskim površinama, na asfaltnim, staklenim, metalnim i drvenim površinama
  • Pažnja: ne upotrebljavati na automobilima!


  • Baza vezivnog sredstva: organski koncentrat za čišćenje
  • Vandal-ex je u obliku gela, pa nema slivanja na kosim i vertikalnim površinama, već koncentrovano deluje na usmerenom mestu


  • Sa 400 ml može da se ukloni oko 0,8 m² obojene površine


  • Time until tthe spray take an effact: 24 hours according to the underground and the thickness of the layer.


  • 520 ml Euro-can containing 400 m

Product specification

Especially user-friendly. Graffiti-Ex becomes a consistence like gel, therefore it do not run off on a vertikal surface, but take effect concentratedly when you use ist specific. Tamper-proof cap avoids unauthorized use.

Instruction manual

Carefully read and note the instructions on the can before using!

Examine the firmness and stability of the basic colour with painted or painted undergrounds in inconspicuous place! Cover sensitive surfaces, which not should be treated, with a cardboard or several papers. Shake the can shortly. Spray plentifully and let it influence approx. 10-15 minutes. Depending upon quality and age of the lacquers/colors which can be removed the impact time can be shortened or extended. Scrape off subsequently, with suitable tools. If necessary wash off with cellulose nitrate diluent or also water. With strongly porous undergrounds possible use a wire brush. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Before order of a new painting all remainders from Graffiti Ex must be removed.

Caution: Do not let it in the waste water, but catch it and remove it over the problem collection of material.

Examples for use


Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
  *  Graffiti-Ex 400  400 ml  195419
* no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.