Impregnacija motora


Impregnacija motora. Za zaštitu bloka motora, poklopca motora, kanala i ivica vrata od korozije pomoću inhibitora korozije i sredstva za istiskivanje vode. Idealan za konzervaciju polovnih automobila pre prodaje.

Područje primene

  • Blok motora
  • Poklopac motora
  • Ivice i žljebovi na vratima
  • Konzervacija polovnih vozila


  • Istiskuje vodu
  • Delotvorno štiti od korozije


  • Do not apply on running engine.
  • Do not use during ignition.
  • Do not spray on igneous or warm objects (exhaust pipe, manifold).
  • It is imperative to observe the safety regulations on the can!


  • Trigger bottle with 1000ml contents

Product specification

  • For engine compartment, motor cycles, bicycles, boat engines, snow chains.

Even ideal for conservation of used cars before selling.

Instruction Manual

Carry out engine washing, then spray presto Engine Impregnation on engine block and engine compartment. It is possible to treat the engine compartment if still wet. Let lift off. Door cross-beams are recommended to be repolished with a cloth.

Examples of use


Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 *  presto Motorimprägnier. 1000ml  1 l  803864
* no color identification possible

The presentation of colors may deviate from the original color.